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Making team meetings worth attending

A good legal team meeting is one at which

  • Participants gain a better understanding of an important business challenge or activity
  • Know-how which is relevant to a majority of those present is shared
  • A collective view on an important issue is reached
  • An issue of team performance is addressed constructively

Ideally an atmosphere of professional collegiality is engendered and participants leave the meeting feeling it was time well spent.

Sadly some team leaders fall into the traps of using the entire meeting to find out who is doing what or a major portion of it to impart information to the rest of the team.

As head of a team you need to make sure that members of the team are involved in delivering and receiving worthwhile content, that invitees (from outside the team) are selected when appropriate. Planning ahead rather than pulling together an agenda on the eve of the meeting is needed to be able orchestrate the following:

  • Guest appearances
  • Business plan adoption and roll out
  • Know-how sharing
  • Business skills development
  • Team spirit

As a team member you need to make the effort to contribute to team meetings, by devoting time to preparation and follow up.

This webinar for the C&I Group on 23 May will provide guidance on what you can do in terms of planning and participation to make team meetings work.