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Building relationships with demanding business colleagues

Understanding why business colleagues might be impatient or dismissive is the first step to overcome those attitudes and build a rapport.

This webinar  provides practical recommendations for relationship building.


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Prioritising your effort (when you have more work than you can handle)

Incoming work needs to be screened to ensure that you are devoting your effort to the activities and risks which merit your attention. In-house lawyers have to be accountable for what they do and how much time they spend doing it, without necessarily adopting time recording.

This webinar provides practical guidance on how you might do this.


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Developing your commercial awareness / business acumen

In-house lawyers need to be able to understand the context in which they are providing input and what their organisation is seeking to achieve.

This webinar provides practical pointers for developing commercial awareness.


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Communicating persuasively

All in-house lawyers need to develop business credibility and communicate persuasively at all levels.

This webinar  provides practical pointers on developing these skills.


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