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Wish list for a head of legal?

A couple of months ago a head of legal told me that her employer was seeking to dissuade her from accepting a job with another employer and had asked her to propose what personal development programmes would secure her retention. We shared the following ideas:

Funding and time off for MBA or equivalent
Participation in any management programme run for executives
Active memberships of professional associations
Membership of a network, such as the UK based CLO Programme
Attendance at a major international conference once a year

As she already reported to the CEO and attended board meetings, these were not on the wish list. However I did suggest that whilst the invitation had been in relation to personal development it might be appropriate to pursue the following if she felt there was inadequate commitment:

Legal risk management
Involvement of in-house legal in strategy definition
Buy in from management to ‘ownership’ of and responsibilities re legal risk
Support for proactive contribution from in-house lawyers
Adoption of blueprint for level of internal and external legal resource

Adequate support staff – ratio of 1:3 or better
Adequate training and development budget for legal team
Subscription for the team to an on-line service, such as PLC Law Dept
Support from HR for coherent remuneration packages for legal team

My thought was that whilst this did not relate to her personally, she would undoubtedly be the beneficiary of enhanced team performance.
In other contexts the issues of salary, bonus, equity, annual leave and a sabbatical might come into play!
Did we miss anything?