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Recipe for success

Having explored the analogy between vegetable growing and project management (one former colleague has pointed out that vegetables benefit from liberal quantities of manure, which whilst quite common is not always so beneficial in project management), I would like to draw some parallels between drafting commercial agreements and recipe writing. I have not done the latter, but am privileged to enjoy the culinary results of someone who does.

In both cases you cannot predict the aptitude of the person reading what you produce to interpret and act as you expect, so you need avoid being patronising to the sophisticated and unhelpful to the novice. A few thoughts:
Commercial agreements and recipes work best when:
· the prerequisites are clearly set out, including any lead time, sequences or intervals
· the effort to be devoted is defined
· the wording is succinct without being too sparing
· any serious pitfalls are identified so that they can be avoided
· frills and complication are kept to a minimum
reliability is tested, so that they are more likely to stand the test of time.

Sadly there are too many of both which are indigestible!