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In-house lawyer dreads

From time to time we ask groups of in-house lawyers at different levels to identify anonymously their greatest dread. We do this because:
a) it can be therapeutic to describe something which concerns you and to realise that maybe it should not preoccupy you and
b) in reviewing dreads (without attribution) with the group, we can point to ways in which the dread factor can be kept within reasonable bounds.

Not surprisingly one of the most commonly held is committing a serious professional error – failing to spot an issue which has serious consequences for the organisation. Not getting it wrong is an important objective throughout one’s career, but the dread factor can be kept in check by:
1. Making sure that business people understand the legal risks involved, including an evaluation of getting it wrong
2. Paying sufficient attention to keeping your legal know how up to date
3. Working with colleagues to share and adopt best practice approaches to the work you do.

Other popular dreads include being misled, side-lined or not appreciated by business people. The antidotes to these are relationship building and collegial support, which are best addressed in our workshops.