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Gardening analogies

One of the fulfilling things in my life is growing vegetables on my allotment. As I was tilling the soil the other day, it occurred to me how similar the whole process is to managing a project successfully. At the outset you need to make sure that the seeds are sown in favourable conditions and put effort into nurturing until established. You have to judge whether you will be more successful with something which is more ready made (a bought in plant or an established offering). You then to make sure that unwelcome intruders (weeds or other activities) do not stifle what you have started, by devoting regular attention. You need to be aware of detractors (pests or unconvinced stakeholders) and try to limit the damage they do. External forces (weather or third parties) may retard or accelerate things. Finally the satisfaction of fruition is dependent on good timing and putting what you have produced to good use.
I only wish that some of the projects on which I worked had produced results as tasty as my runner beans.