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IT packages for in-house departments

I am interested in charting the progress and experience of small to medium size in-house departments in using IT packages for matter management / work in progress / contract management. Not long ago there was very little available. Whilst a number of vendors claimed to have in-house variants of what had been developed for law firms, they tended to be over complicated and required customisation which added to costs.
Homespun solutions have been available in the form of spreadsheets or database applications such as Microsoft’s Excel and Access. Packages for in-house departments based on them have been developed by Lex Australia. I am not aware of any European outlets.
In conversations with heads of legal, a couple of vendors have received favourable mentions - Amicus Attorney and Iken.
Ascertus have brought to my attention that they provide solutions all sizes of department, not just the large ones.
Any helpful (and non-actionable) comments welcome.